Peanut Butter Mocha Smoothie

MACROS: 7P/33C/10F


This is a great smoothie when I'm craving something chocolaty and indulgent.  I love the chocolate/coffee flavor combination and by using unsweetened coffee and chocolate you can control the sweetness yourself with dates.  I even threw in frozen spinach to sneak in some extra greens - I promise you can't taste it!


  • 4 oz. Almond Milk (I used Califia Farms Unsweetened) 
  • 4 oz. Unsweetened Cold Brew Coffee
  • 90g Banana, 1 Medium (peeled, cut into chunks & frozen)
  • 16g Peanut Butter (1 tablespoon) 
  • 5g Cacao Powder (1 tablespoon) 
  • 1 Date (5g), chopped 
  • 40g Frozen Spinach
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, or to taste


Combine all ingredients into blender.  Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Variations: Add in a scoop of your favorite protein powder for a protein boost or top with a few cacao nibs or a sprinkle of coconut flakes to make it a bit more special :-D

Laura Daniel