Yogurt "Parfait"


Another recipe that’s not really a recipe. Just over here trying to be real & show you what I eat on the reg in hopes it gives you an idea or inspires you to try it out yourself! Like I always say - eating healthy does not need to be complicated or fancy!

The best part about these “parfaits” or yogurt bowls - they are totally customizable to your tastes and needs. Here I used Fage Total 0% to keep fat low and protein high. I also really love Siggi’s vanilla.


When I use plain Greek yogurt I always stir in something to flavor it before adding toppings. Either a touch of honey or maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon, or a tasty protein powder I have on hand.

Then get creative! Use what you have on hand, something seasonal, tropical or dessert inspired. It’s only limited by your own imagination (and taste buds). Here I kept it simple with frozen fruit, granola and peanut butter.

I love frozen fruit for when I take these on the go. Measure the yogurt into a to-go container and top with frozen fruit. By the time you get to the office and are ready for breakfast the fruit will have thawed but also helped keep the yogurt cold. Win-win.

Let me know how you create your own yogurt parfait!