Make Yourself Proud

...and hold yourself accountable.

Because honestly who else will?

Make those tough choices or actions that actually align with your goals.  That make you proud. That you know will push you in the direction you want to go. 

Want to be better at CrossFit?  I do.  For me that means going to the gym and doing that workout that intimidates me-that one that has movements I hate in it.  It means re-doing that Open workout I know I didn't push hard enough in.  It means getting to bed before friends and sometimes skipping that second drink.  It means holding myself accountable to these choices because I want to.  Because they create a version of myself that I am proud of.  Not because they're easy or always right for everyone.   

But maybe for you it's a blog you want to start.  A relationship you want to grow.  I skill you want to achieve.  A job you want to get.  Becoming an author, an artist, a farmer, a musician, a wife, a Dad, someone who works from home, someone who makes less trash, someone who reads more books, a podcaster, a brewer, a tiny home owner, an inventor....    

It's consistently making those choices.  The ones you know you should, but you let fear creep in.  The choices you know are right and yet you text that friend you know will tell you what you want to hear not what you need to.  Because becoming your best self isn't a walk in the park.  That's how to be a mediocre you who never really does anything that truly turns you on.  

So what turns you on?  Who do you envy?  What lights your soul on fire?

And why the hell aren't you taking steps in that direction?  Find one thing you can do today to get closer to your dreams and just do it.  Do it terribly.  Fuck up big time.  Make a fool of yourself.  But I guarantee you'll get into bed at night proud.  You will.  No matter what.  Because you're on your way. 

On your way to taking your dreams seriously.  To holding yourself accountable.  To saying no to your excuses and the people who make them for you.  And yes to your desires and people who fuel your fire.

You literally only have one shot at this crazy thing...why not give it everything you got? Get out of your own way and go get after it.