Start now.

Stop thinking about the what ifs.  Stop day dreaming about the person you will someday be.  Start doing.  Start taking action.

Small actions eventually will add up to big results down the road.  Starting now, believing in the processes and showing up day in and day out.

It's all about the journey.  About the steps you take trying to get where you want to go.  That's what makes a life.  Not your final destination.

Honestly, who knows if you'll actually get to there anyway.  Even if you did you'd probably want something new or better as soon as you arrive.

So don't set your sights on the dream and have the big picture paralyze and prevent you from taking those tiny steps.  Don't sit and think about the final product. Think about the process.  About what steps you can take right now to get a bit closer to that dream.  About what you can do today that will be a win in your books.

Start looking at the day to day.  That's where life is lived any how.