Small Habits, Lasting Change

Simplify your goals to create lasting change



One of my goals this year was to follow The Daily Stoic journaling prompts. I quickly realized the morning and evening reflection prompted by this journal was not happening for my current schedule. Instead of getting frustrated by a half-hearted attempted at journaling I decided to only use the morning prompt each day and call that a win. 

Now instead of feeling frustrated because I didn’t journal in the evening I feel accomplished because I journaled in the morning. 

Small mindset shifts can turn something frustrating into a win for the day.  Breaking goals down into smaller chunks allows you to become really good at the basics, feel success and grow from there.

What is my ultimate goal in using the Daily Stoic? It isn’t to fill in every page, or reflect throughly on each prompt. It is ultimately a tool I am using to help create the habit of daily writing. To journal and spend time each day getting thoughts onto paper. So by reducing the habit to a simpler form I am able to make progress and feel accomplished. I could simplify the task even more if needed - to writing a single sentence each day. Whatever it takes to begin and find success.

By becoming excellent at the smaller, simpler tasks instead of constantly failing or getting frustrated with the bigger goals you set yourself up for success and a feeling of accomplishment. These good feelings make it easier to keep going, building strong habits that will eventually add up to bigger changes. 


Keep it simple and do it well.