Living Lighter: Bathroom Essentials

IMG_4536 2.jpg

I decided to start out the Living Lighter series getting real intimate with some of my bathroom essentials!  Some of these products help me reduce plastic waste while others are less toxic alternatives to traditional products.  


1. Schmidt's Deodorant

I started out with their deodorant in the glass container and honestly loved it.  Yes it was a bit strange putting deodorant on with your fingers but it became part of my routine pretty quick.  I loved it because the company took back the glass containers (or you can repurpose them because they're super cute!) and the less plastic I can use the happier I generally am. 

So why did I make the switch to the stick?  When I switched over to the 6AM CrossFit class my pre-workout routine needed to be as efficient as possible.  Honestly I missed the convenience of a quick swipe with a stick.  

Eitherway I love the company and the deodorant is free of aluminum, artificial fragrances and is cruelty free.  So essentially it's less toxic for your body.  AND YES IT ACTUALLY WORKS!**  I work out on the dripping sweat CrossFit workouts and this holds up.  Promise.  I love the rose and vanilla sent and the bergamot/lime is a sweeter sent great for summertime.  

P.S. I love their soaps as well and currently am using one as my body wash.  Great lather, yummy scents. 

**I did not like the sensitive skin formula pictured above after using it for a week so.  The scent wasn't my favorite and it just didn't seem to work as well for me. I switched back to the original rose and vanilla scent and am still loving it.

2. Lunnette Cup

If you have a period and have not tried a menstrual cup DO IT NOW.  And stick with it for a few months.  I HATED this the first time I tried it.  It was awkward to put in, I was terrified it was going to leak, and I just generally didn't like the idea of it.  Until I did.  And haven't stopped loving on these guys since!

First of all its way safer than using tampons which come with the risk of TSS.  You can leave a menstrual cup in for 12 hours without worry.  Yup you read that right...insert in the AM and forget about it till the evening!  No need to worry about carrying extra pads or tampons.  Saves money and cuts way down on waste too. 

3. NanNin Fragrance "Jolene" Scent

A bit of a girly touch here (as if #2 wasn't...) but I had to share this product.  I honestly never had "a scent" or a "brand" that I stuck with for fragrance.  Typically just used deoderant and called it a day.  But I found this through a friend and haven't looked back.  It's packaged in glass which is great and the perfume oils are hand blended and poured to order in VA.  Okay okay so maybe not an ESSENTIAL but just trust me on this one and check out the company.  

4.  Sea Sponge

After college the bright pink loofa on a string just didn't seem as cool anymore.  These are great alternatives.  Last a long time, they look neat and create a great lather.  So when it's time to replace that synthetic one check out these first.   

5. Shampoo Bar

Bars last WAY longer than that bottle of shampoo.  And when they're bottle to recycle.  Winning.  I would suggest investing in a metal soap dish for it so you can leave it in the shower without it getting stuck or slowly making a soapy mess on your shower shelf.  I just started using the JR Liggett brand (pictured above).  So far I like it.  It also works really well for shaving too.  Win-win (I'm sensing a theme here). But there are lots of brands popping up so do some research.  Read the ingredients and reviews... and don't be afraid to try a few to find one you love and stick with. 

6. Dental Lace

Floss made from 100% silk in a refillable container.  'nuff said. 

7. Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Oh the safety razor.  I used this for a few months when I first bought it and I'm currently back to using those darn plastic razors.  Ugh.  There's something about the feel of this that I think just takes some time to get used to and when summer hits and I'm shaving every other day it just isn't fun.  BUT seasons are changing now.  Plus this sits in my bathroom and stares me down on the daily... I can feel it judging me for all the plastic razors I'm throwing out.  So when I'm ready for a new razor I'm committing to trying this out again.  It's definitely an awesome swap once you get used to it!  Saves a ton of money (you can buy the razor blades in bulk) and it looks super sexy too.  

In my opinion anything made of metal or wood or glass gives off a bit of swagger and style that plastic just doesn't have.