Living Lighter: An Experiment in Minimal Living, My Way


Welcome to a new mini-series!  Along with experimenting in the kitchen and getting the heck outside I also enjoy living "selfishly simple".  


Right, I know, a bit of a contradiction. But hear me out.  I'm no perfectionist zero waster with only 10 items in my closet.  I buy things in plastic (gasp!) and I sometimes buy clothes that I never wear (working on this!).  I'm trying my best to apply what I've learned about zero waste lifestyles in ways that fit MY needs and work with MY life.

As I become more and more conscious of the choices I make that create my life and design the spaces around me I find the simpler I keep things- less & better stuff- the happier and healthier I am.  

I've been slowly minimizing my wardrobe, donating items I rarely wear and reducing the number of new items I buy.  When I do purchase new items I'm working on doing so in a slower more thoughtful way.  

I try and reduce waste, particularly food waste and plastic, as much as possible while reminding myself that we still live in a very linear economy (more on this to come!) and we can't all be perfect.  I believe it's all about consistency and being conscious of our decisions, not perfection.

I'm hoping to create a little corner here on my blog to share what I've learned the past few years about zero waste and minimal living, from essential swaps to closet clean-outs and my very own attempts at composting.  Here's to living lighter on your own terms!