Matcha Latte



 ⇢8 Ounces unsweetened almond milk

⇢1 Teaspoon matcha powder

 ⇢Dash cinnamon

 ⇢Drizzle wildflower or local honey


 ⇢Warm milk over stove

 ⇢Add in matcha and whisk till dissolved

 ⇢Stir in honey and cinnamon

 ⇢Enjoy a little pick-me-up!



My favorite benefit of matcha is its ability to provide a calm alertness.  No jitters or crash and burn that can sometimes happen when I have a strong cup of coffee.  How does matcha work its calming magic?  Theanine.  An amino acid that is being studied for its potential to reduce stress and boost mood and mental performance when combined with caffeine. 🍵


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