Lemon Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Macros (without toppings): 15P/27C/4F


⇢8 Ounces almond milk (1 cup)*

⇢100g Frozen banana (medium banana)

⇢ 40g Frozen spinach (1/2 cup)

⇢15g Ascent lemon sorbet whey protein (1/2 scoop)

⇢1g Matcha powder (1 teaspoon)

Blend all of the above!

Topped with what I had in the pantry.  This is a great place to add your own flare or add toppings based on macro needs.👌 Pictured above...

⇢Pumpkin seeds

⇢Chia seeds

⇢Cacao nibs

⇢Peanut butter powder

Top with fresh fruit or oatmeal to up carbs; a dollop of your favorite nut butter to up fats.


*This smoothie was a bit on the thin side.  You could totally drink it instead on putting it in a bowl...if you want to make it more like an ice cream consistency, use half the amount of milk or add in more frozen naners. 


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