Kale & Mushroom Toast

Macros: 12P/17C/6F



⇢20g Kale, rough chopped (handful)

⇢20g Mushrooms, sliced (3 button mushrooms)

⇢1 Slice 7-Grain Ezekiel bread

⇢1 Egg

⇢Dash of Everything But the Bagel seasoning



Toss kale and mushrooms in pan, season with salt & pepper as desired; stir occasionally until kale starts to wilt, and mushrooms start to brown. 

Move to one side of pan and cook the egg sunny side up in the same pan with seasoning.  I cover the egg with a pot lid to help get the runny whites on top cooked through.  Just be careful not to overcook the yoke!  Assemble this all on a piece of toast and voila!

Laura Daniel