When You Start Taking Up More Space

Thoughts from the 2017 holiday season I just dug up! As we approach the 2018 holiday season let this be a quick reminder that everyones goals are different and your journey is your own <3.

Thanksgiving brought with it a couple extra pounds. Christmas cookies and Vermont beers a few more. Days in between intentionally eating more avocados…And peanut butter, so much peanut butter.

For the first time in my life I tried to put on weight. I wanted to be stronger. And there's no way around it. Ya gotta eat.

Turns out gaining 10 pounds, moving weight for reps that used to be my 1RM, forgetting about the scale for more than a day at a time, is more than simply massing.

It's a lesson in self discovery. In what your body can do. It's discipline and letting go.

It's not caring what other people think.

It's putting yourself first.

It's learning to stop playing so god damn small.

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