About Laura

Laura is a CrossFit L1 trainer, PN-L1 certified and a self-proclaimed taco junkie. If she’s not at the gym or getting active with her pup Ellie you can probably find her meal prepping, experimenting with new macro friendly dessert ideas or trying to find the next best use for peanut butter.

Though she now lives in the city, Laura is originally from Vermont and still loves going back to VT whenever she can. Something about those green mountains and the abundance of tasty local brews… She admits to being a total sucker for a day hike or a few runs on the ski slope followed by a cold IPA.

Laura loves sharing her passion for all things food and fitness related. She is a strong believer in finding balance and developing healthy habits that are sustainable for life. She hopes that by pursing her passion and sharing it with you she will inspire you on your journey to becoming your best self. <3